This is the News and Information site of photographer Charles Harris (aka Blog?). Riveting stuff, to be sure. As is life, it's a work in progress.
In fact, it's really a place for me to share stuff, often the going's-on of the current what's happening and whatnot. It might be fun to dig out some old transparencies too. But then it also seems like a good place to ramble with other things, maybe some music and such. Usually just the photography thing though. A dumping ground of pics I'm sure :)

You can see more about me at my main site, I'll try to add the 'personal' stuff here as I go along.......


In the interest of familiarity, I've included one of many not-so-flattering selfshots. I have others, better ones maybe. A good one with the family, or the dog. Of course, ones with a camera. Even ones with really cool cameras. Possibly some with multiple cameras. This one I'll probably rotate around with some really great horrible ones.